Prestige V Grill

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Napoleon Prestige V Grill - PF450X-2

Utilize the most advanced in grill technology and engineering with the Napoleon Prestige V Grill (PF450P-2, PF450N-2). Napoleon designed this grill with the idea of multi-functionality in mind and with stainless steel everything, this grill is stylish, modern and extremely durable. Equipped with seven (7) burners and a 890 sq. in. cooking area, this grill is large enough for even the biggest grilling projects. These burners are positioned from front to back to give you different grilling zones so that you can grill multiple foods at multiple heating levels at the same time. Five (5) of these burners are located in a tightly sealed smoker box that helps you create an authentic smoked taste in all of your grilling projects. Above these burners are stainless steel sear plates that eliminate flame ups and help to refine the barbeque flavor that this grill produces. Outside of the smoker box are two side burners that gives you a second location for grilling, so you can smoke some food and grill others at the same exact time.

The idea of user friendliness comes through in a few different areas on this grill. The lid is built with smooth opening technology that makes opening and closing the lid smooth and comfortable, and the handle is a cool to the touch tubular stainless steel that removes any anxiety about touching a hot grill. When this lid closes it creates an incredibly tight seal that keeps all of your heat inside of the grill for energy efficiency. Integrated into the face of the lid is a temperature gauge that uses napoleons accu-probe to accurately display the temperature inside. The burners sit on top of architecturally designed drawers and cabinets with hand polished seams that include features like a built in condiment shelf to make organizing your spices and condiments easier than ever. Napoleon also understood that many people want to grill on warm summer or spring nights and built in halogen lights on this grill so that grilling in the dark is a thing of the past.

  • Halogen Lights:

    Built in halogen lights allow you to grill your favorite foods confidently even in the dark of night

  • Seven (7) Burners:

    With an 890 sq. in. grilling area and seven (7) independent burners you have the area and adjustability to cook multiple foods at once.

  • Temperature Gauge:

    An easy to read temperature gauge is built into the lid on this grill and utilizes Napoleons accu-probe technology to accurately give you the temperature within the grill for exact cooking measurements.