Pro Smart Iron

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Oliso Pro Smart Iron Yellow

Oliso's Pro Smart Iron (TG-1600) is designed with sewers and quilters in mind, but is also great for regular people with a lot of ironing to knock out. This model offers extra powerful steam that can make even the toughest of wrinkles disappear. The steam comes out of the sole plate in both a vertical and horizontal position and works with the iTouch technology to automatically stop the water flow when the iron is idle. This keeps water from leaking on the fabric and the anti-leak system also helps to keep water from spitting while the iron is in use.

The patented heat resistant scorchguard legs lower when you remove your hand from the handle, allowing the iron to rest in the horizontal position, which keeps the iron at a more consistent temperature. When you are ready to go again, simply touch the handle and the legs will retract into the sole plate fully, no need to worry and them snagging the fabric. The pro model also features an extended safety shut off time, if idle for 30 minutes the iron will automatically shut off. An all around powerful and efficient model, the pro smart iron will help you conquer all your ironing with great ease.

  • Cuts Down Ironing Time:

    With the one press pass system the iron never needs to be lifted or rested in the vertical position, reducing your ironing time by 30%

  • Ideal for Sewers and Quilters:

    Extra powerful steam, features a 30-minute extended auto-shut off

  • Auto-Lift System:

    Scorchguard legs lift when you touch the handle and lower when you’ve stopped ironing, preventing burns, scorching and tipping