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Professional Wireless Weather Station

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Oregon Scientific Professional Wireless Weather Station

The Oregon Scientific Professional Wireless Weather Station (OR-WMR100N) is one of the premiere weather stations available! Quickly and accurately measures temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure (features altittude adjusment), wind speed/direction, dew point, windchill, heat index and current rainfall or rainfall for up to a 9 day period. This weather station features an accurate thermometer, hygrometer, anemometer, baro-hygrometer and rain gauge, and all data is displayed on the bright green backlit console for easy reference.

The Oregon Scientific Professional Wireless Weather Station features five sensors for comprehensive weather information which allows it to forecast the weather 12 to 24 hours in advance.  Display includes icons for forecasted weather, as well as a bar graph that shows a 24-hour history of barometric, UV index and rainfall data.  Trends humidity and temperature and accurately indiciates whether temp/humidity is rising, staying constant or falling.  Also includes moon phase to help guage moonlight and tides for outdoor or beach activities.  Included with the wireless weather station is software for your personal computer that allows you to store and view weather data on your PC using only your USB port.

Clock function features self setting according to U.S atomic clock as well as alarms based on time or weather conditions.  This allows you to set high and low temperature thresholds to warn against freezing or high heat.