44 lb Built-In Outdoor Ice Maker

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

OrienUSA 44 lb Capacity Built-In Outdoor Ice Maker - FS-50IMOD

Orien's 44 lb Built-In Outdoor Ice Maker (FS-50IMOD) makes a great addition to your outdoor bar or entertainment space. The outdoor ice maker and ice machine features a full stainless steel door and body. It also has a fully enclosed back to keep out the rain and protect it from harsh weather environments. The door is reversible and has a sleek, stainless steel handle.

This is a versatile unit that can make up to 44 pounds of clear ice per day. A front breathing cooling system allows it to be used either built-in or freestanding. The removable bin can conveniently store up to 25 pounds of ice.

  • Can be used either freestanding or built-in:

    This ice maker vents in front for under-counter installation, and the stainless steel body and door look great for freestanding use

  • Fully Enclosed Back:

    Protected from the environment

  • Reversible door:

    The door can hinge on either side, making it versatile for various installation scenarios
  • Specifications

    • Model: FS-50IMOD
      Removable bin stores 25 lbs of ice
    • Brand: OrienUSA
      Can be used both freestanding or built-in
    • Air-cooled condenser
    • Automatic overflow protection
    • Reversible door
      Amperage: 3.7A/4.8A
    • Fully enclosed back
      Shipping weight: 116 lbs
    • Warranty: 1 year full
      Dimensions: 33.5" H x 14.6" W x 23" D
    • OrienUSA 44 lb Built-In Outdoor Ice Maker