P3 International

LED Bug Lamp/Trap

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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P3 International LED Bug Lamp/Trap

Regain your backyard and enjoy bug-free evenings outside again with the P3 International LED Bug Lamp/Trap (P3-P7880). This small, orb-shaped lamp not only attracts insects but vacuums them right out of the air, eliminating them altogether. Unlike tiki torches, bug zappers or personal insect repellents, this unit is safe, silent and actually removes bugs from the air.

When plugged into any 100V outlet, the unit's 6 LED lights produce UV light that strongly attracts winged insects. Once in range, it quickly becomes a fetal attraction as the internal fan sucks the insects inside, capturing them permanently.

  • LED Lights:

    When turned on the unit is illuminated by 6 purple LED lights, all of which produce UV light that attracts outdoor insects

  • Quiet Operation:

    Though the unit's vacuum fan is constantly circulating air in the front and out the rear of the unit, it does not create loud noises as outdoor fans or bug zappers do

  • Modern Design:

    Unlike tradition bug lamps and traps, this orb-shaped bug trap has a sleek, stylish design and a beautiful glow that looks great anywhere, porch, patio or poolside