P3 International

Self Emptying Rain Gauge

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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P3 International Self Emptying Rain Gauge

This P3 International Self Emptying Rain Gauge (P3-P0320) is a self emptying rain gauge that is both accurate and virtually maintenance free.  This high-tech wireless rain gauge displays at intervals of 1 hour, 24 hours, or 9 day historical or 30 day historical record of total rainfall. Gauge can be reset manually or automatically daily or weekly.

The rain collector has a 5 inch width and stands 5 inches tall. Rainfall amounts are shown in inches and are accurate with .03 inches. The sleek LCD display unit is easy to read even from far away, making this perfect for placing in the garden to accurately monitor rainfall levels.

  • Great in the garden:

    Ideal for landscapes where rainfall amount is important to successful gardening, also great for fruits and vegetables which require regular watering to thrive. With the P3 International Self Emptying Rain Gauge you can monitor rainfall levels and supplement if necessary

  • Thorough monitoring:

    Digital base displays daily or cumulative rainfall amounts

  • Self emptying collector:

    Collector automatically empties itself for proper monitoring of rainfall

  • Battery powered:

    Rain collector powered by 1 AA batteries (not included)