Tablets for Condensate Drain Pan

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Pro-Treat Anti Scale Build Up Tablets For Humidifiers & Condensate Drain Pumps

Pro-Treat Tablets for Condensate Drain Pumps and Pans clean existing pan accumulations, and prevent future build ups.

To clean existing drain pan accumulations, close at the rate of four Pro-Treat 161 pills per three tons of a/c for ongoing preventative maintenance, dose at a rate of two Pro-Treat 161 pills at a point farthest from the drain to assure total pan cleaning and treatment. For larger commercial units, dose at the rate of four Pro-Treat 161 pills per three tons a/c or consider using our longer lasting super-tabs (or super flow products).

Dehumidifier and Humidifier Use: Pro-Treat 161 pills are effective in preventing odors and scale build up in the humidifier reservoirs and dehumidifier water buckets. Depending on the unit size, dose at the rate of four pills every four to six weeks. Clean and rinse reservoir periodically.

Pro-Treat 161 tablets control odors and eliminate condensate drain pan overflows and the resulting water damage. Pro-Treat tablets are completely soluble and easy to use. They are non-corrosive and non-toxic. When used regularly these tablets will assure season-long, trouble-free condensate drain pan performance.