Peak Programmable Heater/Defroster - Black  Model:PKC0J1

Peak Programmable Heater/Defroster - Black
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Peak Programmable Heater/Defroster - Black

The Peak Programmable Heater/Defroster (PKC0J1) lets you defrost your windows and heat your car before you even get in. The programmable feature allows you to preset the unit to automatically operate when you need it. The PKC0J1 isn't a one trick pony, though. It doubles as a fan for the hotter seasons, and has the ability to go cordless once charged, so you can use it when going camping or anywhere that a power source isn't readily available. Furthermore, this heater/defroster has the ability to utilize AC and DC power supplies, so you can plug it in anywhere.

  • Programmable Feature:

    You can preset the unit for future use to keep operation simple

  • Adjustable Stand:

    The PKC0J1 has an attached stand that can be adjusted to direct the air just where you want it

  • Pick Your Power:

    This heater/defroster can use AC or DC power giving you more options when choosing where to use it

Specifications & Manuals

  • Model: PKC0J1
  • Brand: Peak
  • Programmable for your convenience
  • Can be used as a fan
  • Adjustable stand
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Peak Programmable Heater/Defroster
  • Can utilize AC or DC power sources
  • Cordless operation feature
  • Input voltage: 120 VAC/12 VDC
  • Weight: 2.27 lbs

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