Pharmtec Corp

2' x 4' Standard Depth Mini Greenhouse

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Pharmtec Corp 2' x 4' Standard Depth Mini Greenhouse

Thanks to the Pharmtec Corp 2' x 4' Extra Depth Mini Greenhouse, (GK2448S) adding a flower bed, herb garden, or vegetable garden for easy access or as an accent is no longer limited to traditional small pots and tubs. When creating a container garden, depth is often the most important specification. The standard 5.25" miniature greenhouse is great as a raised bed over good soil, for flowers less than 3 feet tall, or even for building a sandbox. This greenhouse is also great for shallow rooted plants, such as herbs, radishes, peppers, turnips, beets, onions, lettuce, some varieties of cabbage, and dwarf carrot varieties. 

Place your GK2448S on a patio, deck, or balcony or create a standup elevated garden. - just put a landscape lining inside the frame first and be sure the structure can hold the total weight (350 lbs - includes soil, plants, greenhouse). Use lightweight soil (available at your local gardening center) to reduce the weight to about 175 lbs.

  • Great for areas with limited space:

    This product allows you to easily garden in smaller or more difficult outdoor areas, such as rocky or sandy soil and hard clay areas

  • Standard size is great for:

    Most shallow rooted plants, starting seedlings in a protected environment, or even for building a sandbox

  • Alternative cover available:

    Optional replacement greenhouse cover, insect netting and pest netting are available and fit your Pharmtec product perfectly

  • Dual-Purpose Hinge/Latch:

    Each hoop operates a dual-purpose Hinge/ Latch. Simply "push-in" on a hoop to release the latch and raise the cover. This unique feature enables the cover to be raised from either side
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