Pharmtec Corp 4' x 8' Standard Depth Raised Bed Frame  Model:GF4896S


  • Height: 5.25"
  • Width: 96"
  • Length: 48"
  • Pharmtec Corp 4' x 8' Standard Depth Raised Bed Frame
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    Pharmtec Corp 4' x 8' Standard Depth Raised Bed Frame

    Thanks to the Pharmtec Corp 4' x 8' Standard Depth Raised Bed Frame, (GF4896S) adding a flower bed, herb garden, or vegetable garden for easy access or as an accent is no longer limited to traditional small pots and tubs. When creating a container garden, depth is often the most important specification. The standard 5.25" unit is great as a raised bed over good soil, for flowers less than 3 feet tall, or even for building a sandbox. This raised bed is also great for shallow rooted plants, such as herbs, radishes, peppers, turnips, beets, onions, lettuce, some varieties of cabbage, and dwarf carrot varieties. 

    In traditional gardens, soil compaction can make it difficult for air, water and roots to penetrate the soil mix. Raised bed gardening eliminates compaction and allows air and water (thanks to its inherent draining system) to reach the roots easily so they can expand and grow. The Pharmtec Corp line of raised beds lets you lay the groundwork for a healthy and productive garden.  You can even place your GF4896S on a patio, deck, or balcony or create a standup elevated garden. - just put a landscape lining inside the frame first and be sure the structure can hold the total weight (350 lbs - includes soil, plants, greenhouse). Use lightweight soil (available at your local gardening center) to reduce the weight to about 175 lbs. 

    • Great for areas with limited space:

      This product allows you to easily garden in smaller or more difficult outdoor areas, such as rocky or sandy soil and hard clay areas

    • Standard size is great for:

      Most shallow rooted plants, starting seedlings in a protected environment, or even for building a sandbox

    • Alternative cover available:

      Optional cover kits, insect netting and pest netting are available and fit your Pharmtec product perfectly, allowing you to expand the raised bed frame into a miniature greenhouse that can further help to protect your plants

    • Durable construction and innovative design:

      Rounded corners topped with decorative caps form a strong, durable structure without compromising looks. Thicker than "2 by" lumber, the recycled content plastic frame has three insulating air cells at work within the frame to moderate the soil's heat

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: GF4896S
    • Plastic frame has three insulating air cells at work within the frame to moderate the soil's heat
    • Converts into a Mini Greenhouse by adding on a separately sold greenhouse cover system
    • Standard depth model is great for shallow rooted plants and perfect for framing flowers that grow under 3'
    • Warranty: 25 year manufacturer's warranty
    • Pharmtec Corp 4' x 6' Standard Depth Raised Bed Frame
    • UV stabilized to resist sun damage
    • Raised frame allows you to garden on a patio, balcony or other area
    • Open bottom for unlimited root depth
    • Maintenance-free design will not rot, fade or crack
    • Plastic will not fade or crack
    • Dimensions: 48" L x 96" W x 5.25" H

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