High Capacity Energy Star Dehumidifier - 96 Pint

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Discontinued Product

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Pridiom High Capacity Dehumidifier - 96 Pint

The Pridiom High Capacity Energy Star Dehumidifier (PGD800HCW) is designed for exceptional dehumidification with lasting performance. This quality dehumidifier is great for use in basements, crawlspaces, garages, indoor pool areas, and around your home during humid months. It removes up to 96 pints of moisture from the air per day (50 pints/day capacity at AHAM and 96 pints/day at saturation).

This 96-pint dehumidifier is sleek and stylish enough to be installed anywhere, despite its high capacity and industrial strength construction. It offers the versatility of wall mounting with the included mounting kit so it can be used without sacrificing valuable space, and it plugs into a standard 115V outlet. The dehumidifier also comes with rubberized feet and rolling casters for more installation options.

Pridiom dehumidifiers control relative humidity of a space by drawing in air and forcing excess moisture to condensate over a cooled heat exchanger. The condensate water then flows safely into a fixed drain. The dried air then passes through a final heat exchanger where it's warmed before re-entering the room at a slightly elevated temperature. Unit-mounted digital humidistat controls let you easily adjust fan speed and control humidity. A built-in condensate pump makes it easy to drain the condensate into a sink or drain up to six feet above the height of the pump.

  • Improved Air Filtration:

    This dehumidifier comes with a reusable air filter that's easy to remove, clean, and reinstall

  • Whisper Quiet Operation:

    Pridiom dehumidifiers operate with very minimal noise, as low as 51 decibels

  • 3-Year Warranty:

    A 3 year compressor, condenser, and evaporator warranty means you can purchase with confidence that this quality product will last for years to come