Collapsible Compost Machine

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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RTS Collapsible Compost Machine - Green

Are you trying to do your part for the environment? The RTS Collapsible Compost Machine (5554-000100-4200) offers an easy way to be eco-friendly and enrich the soil in your garden at the same time! Composting allows you to create rich soil by recycling the waste from your kitchen or yard while reducing landfill space and volume with ease. The Compost Machine is designed to optimize the composting process, providing a well insulated and ventilated environment. This tough and durable composter has a twist-on windproof lid and ribbed sides for additional strength. Best of all, it is constructed of 100% recycled plastic!

Its sturdy collar allows lifting to gain access to your compost or removal via the wide side hatch. The strong collar also bears the weight when packed minimizing any possible damage. The Compost Machine is sold disassembled, each piece interlocking into one another for easy storage in a small space.

  • Eco-Friendly:

    Reduce your waste with this 100% recycled plastic compost machine

  • Durable:

    Windproof lid and ribbed sides for additional strength

  • Fast Composting:

    Have your compost ready to use in less than one month