Kitchen Composter Double Kit

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

RTS Kitchen Composter Double Kit - 5552-000200-8020

Start composting 100% of your household food scraps and waste with the RTS Kitchen Composter Double Kit (5552-000200-8020). This composter tackles elements of organic waste that cannot go into a traditional compost bin. The air-tight container, in combination with a compost activator prepared from bran-based material, ferments food waste. From there it can be added into your regular composter.

This kit is compact enough for your countertop, and the air-tight container and compost activator prevent things from getting smelly. You'll also cut down on trips to the traditional composter in the backyard. This unit is also available as a single kit.

  • Allows 100% home compost:

    Takes all food waste including meat, fish, dairy, and cooked food

  • Double capacity:

    With this kit's generous capacity, you'll make fewer trips to the big composter in the backyard

  • Extra-wide hatch:

    A large opening allows easy removal of finished product