Steamboy Steam Floor Mop w/ Carpet Glide

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Reliable Steamboy Steam Floor Mop w/ Carpet Glide - T2S

Cut your cleaning time in half with the Reliable Steamboy Steam Floor Mop w/ Carpet Glide (T2S). This revolutionary tool lets you sweep and steam mop at the same time. Utilizing heavy duty sweeper bristle pads, this sweeper has a cleaning range of 11", giving you a wide area of cleaning for each stroke. Combined with this wide sweeper is a 180° swivel head that gives you easy access to all of the corners, nooks, crannies, or hard to reach places that standard sweepers/mops are awkward to use in.

While you are sweeping just touch a button and this sweeper produces chemical free steam at a temperature of 248°F, letting you clean any kind of spill or stain on your floor, and remain eco-friendly at the same time. The steam works wonders on tough to clean spots, and it dries almost instantly to alleviate the post mopping waiting for your floors to dry. To continue with the eco-friendly theme, washable microfiber pads are used so that you can cut down on user costs, and wont create unneeded waste every time you clean your floors. A removable dust bin is included that can be taken off, dumped out, and washed for incredibly easy and user friendly interaction with the sweeper. Utilizing this amazing device will cut your cleaning time in half, while remaining user and eco-friendly.

  • 2-1 Steam & Sweep Technology:

    Cut your cleaning time in half by sweeping and steaming at the same time

  • 180° Swivvel Head:

    Clean tough to reach nooks and corners like never before

  • Eco-friendly:

    Chemical free cleaning and washable microfiber pads cut down on harmful and excessive waste