Royal Sovereign

55 Pint Bucketless Dehumidifier

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Royal Sovereign 55 Pint Bucketless Dehumidifier

Royal Sovereign has revolutionized dehumidifiers with a new bucket-free design of the 55 Pint Bucketless Dehumidifier (BDH-550 ) that maximizes convenience and performance. There are no heavy buckets of water to empty. No lifting. No mess. No spills. Homeowners can now truly “set it and forget it.”

The powerful pumping system can pump up to an amazing 10 vertical feet, so condensation can be easily drained into a sink, drain, or even out a window. Conventional dehumidifiers require that buckets are emptied 2 or 3 times a day. Since consumers generally empty buckets once a day, dehumidification power is reduced by 50% to 65%. There are no buckets to empty with the new Royal Sovereign dehumidifiers, so consumers now get full dehumidification power.

Note: Since this dehumidifier utilizes bucketless operation, excess condensation must be pumped from the unit.

  • Patented Bucketless Technology:

    Without buckets to ever empty, you’ll get full dehumidification performance from this unit

  • Digital Display:

    This unit features an easy to use digital display to set humidity level, timer, and fan speeds

  • Included Filter:

    A washable filter is included to collect large dust particles and prevent bacteria build-up