PRS Series Solar Charge Controller

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Samlex PRS Series Solar Charge Controller

Ensure that your solar batteries stay charged and protected for much longer when you use the Samlex PRS Series Solar Charge Controller (PRS-1010, PRS-1515, PRS-2020, PRS-3030). These charge controllers help to protect the battery connected to your solar panels by controlling the flow of power into and out of your solar machine. Regulating power like this helps to keep your battery running much longer, which will save you money on expensive repairs and maintenance in the long run.

This charger brings in a little more power than it takes out, so your battery will build up a reserve of power to keep your solar powered machine running for a much longer period of time. The interactive LCD display allows an easy-to-use interface, while the integrated self test feature allows you to see how much charge the battery has left, as well as telling you if your battery is still in working order. Ideal for anyone with a solar panel or solar-powered machine, this charge controller will protect your solar batteries and keep the power going.

  • Fully Programmable:

    This charger controller is fully programmable, allowing you to set such functions as amount of voltage, daylight settings, and much more

  • Protects Your Battery:

    Regulating the power input and output throughout the machine, this solar battery charger keeps your battery safe and protected

  • Night Light:

    The night light function allows you to use this charge controller at night without running the risk of not being able to see what you're doing
  • Model: PRS-1010, PRS-1515, PRS-2020, PRS-3030
    Samlex PRS Series Solar Charge Controller
  • Brand: Samlex
    Integrated self test
  • Voltage auto detection
    Temperature compensation
  • Voltage and current regulation
    Positive/negative grounding
  • PWM control
    For use in RVs and solar home systems
  • Multistage charging technology
    Input voltage: 12 V/24 V
  • Current compensated load disconnection
    Weight: 0.79 lbs
  • Auto load reconnection
    Dimensions: 7.36" H x 3.78" W x 1.73" D
  • Warranty: 2 years