24-Inch Linea Design Electric Multifunction Wall Oven

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Smeg 24-Inch Linea Design Electric Multifunction Wall Oven - Silver

Jam-packed with all the cooking features you need and the stylish aesthetics you want, the Smeg 24-Inch Linea Design Electric Multifunction Wall Oven (SCP111SU2) offers everything you'd expect in a top-of-the-line, European-designed appliance at a great value. The door is quadruple glazed featuring Cool Door technology for maximum safety, and the interior cavity features double insulation for exceptional heat retention and a generous capacity of 2.23 cu. ft. The oven front comes in a refined silver finish with Stopsol® “Supersilver” reflective glass and has an understated control interface that uses two (2) ergonomically-designed knobs centered around a highly unique digital backlit transparent display. The oven is capable of reaching temperatures in an incredibly wide range from 104 °F to keep foods perfectly warm or an amazing 536°F for high heat and quick cooking.

With the same cooking capabilities as professional level ovens, there are 11 different cooking modes, including: ECO (fast preheat), top and bottom heat, intensive broil, rotisserie with broil, convection with top and bottom heat, convection broil, convection with intensive broil, convection with bottom heat, European convection, European convection with top and bottom heat, defrost, and bread proofing. Additionally, the oven has a self-cleaning mode that uses a high-temperature pyrolitic cycle to remove burned on fat, grease, and grime from the interior of the oven. Even more, the oven uses a ceramic catalytic converter to filter out fumes created by the self-cleaning system, and expels them as cool water vapor from the front of the oven. The automatic door-activated oven shut-off is a very useful feature and the four (4) oven rack guide positions maximize cooking versatility. Included with the oven are one (1) baking tray, one (1) baking/broiler tray, one (1) broiler rack, two (2) wire racks, and one (1) rotisserie kit for deliciously healthy cooking.

  • Backlit Transparent Display:

    The modern backlit digital display matches perfectly with the Stopsol® “Supersilver” glass to provide an unrivaled appearance

  • Quadruple Glazed Door:

    The door on this oven is quadruple glazed for better insulation, energy efficiency, increased safety, and significantly lower amounts of heat transfer

  • Self-Cleaning System:

    Uses a pyrolitic cleaning cycle to reach temperatures of about 932°F to powerfully clean the oven's interior