30-Inch Classic Design Double Electric Multifunction Wall Oven

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Smeg 30-Inch Classic Design Double Electric Multifunction Wall Oven - Stainless Steel

With plenty of room, and independent settings, the Smeg 30-Inch Classic Design Double Electric Multifunction Wall Oven (DOU330X) gives you the power to cook any number of foods at the same time. The unit uses 3,535 watts of heating power per oven to effectively broil, bake, or convection cook delicious meals in quick fashion. This double electric oven has a surprisingly fast preheat cycle as short as 8 minutes and can reach temperatures anywhere in a very wide range between 86°F and 554°F. Use the ergonomic controls knobs, touch control panel, and digital LED display to select from 11 operation modes including top and bottom heat, European convection, European convection with top and bottom heat, European convection with top heat, intensive broil, pizza, defrost, bread proving, pyrolitic/self-cleaning as well as useful warming and dehydrate modes. When cooking with convection, each oven uses two (2) powerful 1.3 kW fans to circulate air to create the most even heat distribution possible and cooks food 10% faster than traditional ovens.

This Italian-designed double electric wall oven has a classic appearance and features a fingerprint-proof stainless steel front, so you don't have to worry about it looking good. Each oven's interior cavity has more than enough room with 4.34 cu. ft. of space, and has six (6) rack positions. The door automatically activates the interior light and also turns the oven off when it is opened, and is easily done by use of the professional-style bar handle. When cooking meat, you can use the included meat probe to your advantage so you always know the exact internal temperatures of whatever you're cooking. Additional accessories included with this professional-style oven are one (1) telescopic guide, one (1) grid insert, one (1) enameled tray, and three (3) grid tops.

  • Maximum Cooking Versatility:

    The double oven layout gives you the power to simultaneously cook at completely different settings no matter what the demands are

  • True European Double Convection:

    Equipped with a convection element that uses two (2) 1.3 kW fans for circulation to provide extremely even heat distribution

  • Italian Engineering:

    High-quality craftsmanship and technology combine to create an electric wall oven that operates with superb efficiency and versatility