Linear Design 28 Inch Cooktop with Suspended Grates

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Smeg Linear Design 28 Inch Cooktop with Suspended Grates

The Smeg Linear Design 28 Inch Cooktop with Suspended Grates (PTS727BU5, PTS727NU5, PTS727U5) combines the finest in kitchen cooking technology with Italian styling to give you a cooktop that is as fashionable as it is functional. The cooktop comes equipped with five (5) stainless steel burners that have different BTU outputs to give you the perfect amount of heat for each and every cooking occasion and one (1) of these burners is a double inset super burner that has an incredible 17,000 BTUs of power. This cooktop has a four (4) and one (1) burner layout that isolates the largest burner to give you more space for placing larger pieces of cookware on this burner.

The front control panel comes available in white, black or stainless steel so that you can choose the color that best fits with your existing kitchen color themes. Attached to the control panel are transparent ergonomic control knobs that allow you to control each burner independently and each burner has an automatic electronic ignition system that instantly starts the flames as soon as you spin the dial. Also included with this cooktop are black cast iron full width grates that allow you to confidently place your cookware on top of the burners for use. If you are looking to spice up your kitchen decor without sacrificing performance or functionality, then look no further than the Smeg Linear Design 28 Inch Cooktop with Suspended Grates.

  • Cast Iron Grates:

    Full width suspended cast iron grates allow you to place your cookware confidently on the burners

  • Five (5) Powerful Burners:

    Choose the perfect size burner for each cooking occasion as this cooktop has five (5) burner sizes including two (2) 3,600 BTU, one (1) 5,800 BTU, one (1) 10,600 BTU, and one (1) 17,000 BTU burner

  • Automatic Electronic Ignition:

    Ergonomic controls let you fire up the burners with the turn of a dial