800 Watt Oscillating Reflective Space Heater

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Soleus 800 Watt Oscillating Reflective Space Heater

For a safe and healthy way to stay warm, look no further than the (HR3-08-21) from Soleus. This oscillating space heater uses reflective heating technology to produce warmth that replicates the rays of the sun, providing you with comfortable, healthy heat. Though this space heater mainly functions as a spot heater, it is able to keep the surrounding air warm as the heater's temperature rises. While most heaters need 1500 watts or more to operate, the (HR3-08-21) only needs 800 watts to provide comfortable, safe heat.

The Soleus HR3-08-21 offers a low-temperature surface that stays cool to the touch, even when the reflective heater is providing maximum heat. Additionally, the HR3-08-21 features a safety tip-over switch, as well as an overheat auto-off, that prevents any unforeseen accidents!

  • Instantaneous Heat:

    This oscillating reflective space heater heats up in less than a minute, so it doesn't waste energy to "warm up" like conventional heaters

  • Motorized Oscillation:

    The (HR3-08-21) reflective heater can oscillate 60 degrees, providing extra warmth to the area that surrounds you

  • Energy Efficient:

    Not only does the Soleus HR3-08-21 oscillating reflective space heater waste little energy and time heating up, it also uses up to 40% less energy than conventional heater


  • Model: HR3-08-21
    Soleus 800 Watt Oscillating Reflective Space Heater
  • Brand: Soleus
    Tip-over safety switch and overheat protection
  • Heating Technology: Reflective heating
    60-degree motorized oscillation
  • Power Supply: 120V
    Offers 2 heat settings
  • Watts: 800 watts on high / 400 watts on low
    Product Color: Black
  • Rated Current: 3.3 A / 6.7 A
    Product Weight: 4.15 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    Dimensions: 10.8" W x 7.87" D x 21.3" H