Sports Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit with 12 Volt Adapter

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Sports Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit with 12 Volt Adapter-Gray

The Oliso Sports Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit (PRO-VS97A) is the perfect way to get you started preserving food for maximum freshness and freezer life. Whether you like to buy produce and meat in bulk to save and cook at a later time, or if you want to freeze cooked meals to serve for your family throughout the week, this kit has what you need to get started. This is a great way to help you save on groceries as well as a time saver for meal preparations when you're cooking for a hungry group on a tight schedule.

Fully automatic and very easy to use, simply insert the bag and watch it seal. The sealer uses Oliso's new patented dual seal freshkeeper technology with two sealing options, "moist" and "dry" and has a progress indicator. The vacuum is compatible with all Oliso vacuum sealer accessories and the kit comes with a great variety of accessories to get you started: One (1) water-resistant carrying case, one (1) 12 V power adapter, one (1) flexi tube, one (1) zip disc, one (1) medium pantry bag, two (2) quart vac-snap bags, one (1) gallon vac-snap bag.

  • Starter Kit:

    Oliso PRO-VS97A vacuum sealer comes with carrying case and enough accessories to get you started

  • Compatible:

    Can be used with all Oliso vacuum accessories

  • Easy to Use:

    The vacuum sealer is fully automatic and has a no-touch operation process and progress indicator