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Anna Ceramic Heater

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Stadler Form Anna Ceramic Heater - White

Heat up your home with the Stadler Form Anna Ceramic Heater (A-020) and keep your home feeling comfortable through those cold winter months. At only 15 inches tall, this small heater can heat at two (2) different warming levels, allowing you extra warmth when it gets really cold outside and inside. Equipped with a PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) heating element, this heater is extremely energy efficient, allowing you to use less power to heat rooms just as fast and powerfully as conventional heaters.

With a quiet operation, this heater can be used in environments where silences is key, so you can read a book or watch TV without any interruptions. Many safety features are included in this heater: the overheat protection keeps the heater from overheating and breaking down, which saves you money in maintenance bills. The tip-over protection also automatically shuts the unit down if it is accidentally knocked over, avoiding accidents and keeping you and your family safe. Perfect for personal use, this heater will be sure to keep you warm every winter for a long time.

  • Compact Size:

    The small size of this heater allows you to place it anywhere and easily store it away during the off season

  • PTC Heating:

    PTC heating is a great alternative to conventional heating, as it takes less power to heat up the same amount of area in the same amount of time

  • Safety Features:

    Overheat protection and tip-over safety features help to avoid accidents caused by this heater and costly maintenance bills