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Fred Humidifier

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Stadler Form Fred Humidifier

Help your family stay healthy with the Stadler Form Fred Humidifier (F-005A, F-006A, F-008A, F-017), a great way to keep your household's humidity up and the air cleaner. A great personal humidifier, this humidifier's stylish and unique design will look great no matter where you put it, and the two (2) power levels allow you to have a little or a lot of mist if you needed more humidification. The humidifier is adjustable from 20% to 90% relative humidity, letting you set the amount of humidity you and your family are most comfortable with, which can decrease the cold air inside of your home.

When the water from the water tank is starting to run empty, the humidifier automatically shuts off and the display shows that the tank is empty, letting you know that it's time for a refill. The ball inside of the water tank reduces the amount of build up inside, while effectively stopping particles from being released into the air; this helps to keep you and your family healthy while also extending the life of the humidifier in the long run. Adding to the unique design, the steel-weighted tripod legs help to keep the unit upright and sturdy on almost any surface. Perfect for any family that needs a humidifier, this one will be sure not to disappoint!

  • Clean, Healthy Air:

    The humidifier ensures that the air expelled from it is clean and healthy, as well as safe to breathe

  • Water Tank:

    A removable water tank enables you to easily refill the unit without splashing water everywhere

  • Unique Design:

    Resembling an alien spaceship, this humidifier's design can be set anywhere as a conversation piece