Sidekick Steam Cleaner

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Discontinued Product

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Steamfast Sidekick Steam Cleaner

Steam clean your entire home with the Steamfast Sidekick Steam Cleaner (SF-320). This unique steam cleaner offers you all of the same high powered steam of similar steam cleaners in a compact and portable platform. Designed to be as user friendly as possible, this steam cleaner offer the ability to be used hands free as it comes with a shoulder harness for convenient carrying and application. This hands free feature is especially useful when gently cleaning curtains and other soft fabrics as you can use one hand to hold the fabric steady and steam clean with the other.

One of the major benefits of steam cleaning is that you can remove heavy stains and sanitize without having to use harsh chemicals. Unlike many similar steamers that can take minutes to heat up to steaming levels, this steamer can heat in under thirty seconds so you can quickly get started on cleaning your home. Once the steam is hot, an easy to adjust variable steam control knobs lets you set the exact level of output of your steam, letting you be strong on tough stain, and gentle on soft fabrics. The output of steam is also controlled with a push button steam on demand feature that can be locked out for extended cleaning jobs, so you won’t have to worry about holding down a trigger while you do your cleaning. If you’re looking for a portable, powerful, adjustable, and easy to use way to clean anything from floor stains to freshening up fabrics, then look no further than the Steamfast Sidekick Steam Cleaner.

  • Portable:

    A unique shoulder toteable design provides hands-free, full-sized performance on the go

  • Steam On Demand:

    High powered steam is available at the push of a button and can be locked down for continuous flow

  • Variable Steam Control:

    A simple to use steam power dial lets you adjust the level of steam output