7.4 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator-Freezer-Microwave Combo

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Discontinued Product

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Summit 7.4 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator-Freezer-Microwave Combo - White

Optimized for compact spaces, Summit 7.4 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator-Freezer-Microwave Combo (MRF97) gives you the most versatility in a slim design. This appliance combines Summit's two door 7.4 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer with one of their large capacity microwaves, for all-in-one convenience. The fridge/freezer doors are reversible making it even more ideal for those tight, hard to access spaces. The interior features adjustable wire shelving and in-door storage shelves, compartments, and a crisper drawer, so you'll have a place for everything. With the dial thermostat and cycle defrost operation, the unit runs efficiently with minimum maintenance. The fridge has an automatic defrost section and the freezer maintains zero degrees for the best freeze, and operates with a manual defrost.

The 0.7 cu. ft. capacity microwave has variable power options and automatic cook settings, all of which can be set with the touchpad controls. The electrical allocator box, which can accommodate the refrigerator/freezer and a third appliance, limits total power consumption to 10 amps, for safe and efficient operation. Limited space doesn't have to mean you sacrifice the appliances you need, Summit's combination appliances are the perfect solution for tight living quarters.

  • Combination Appliance:

    This combination refrigerator/freezer/microwave serves all your kitchen needs in one slim and compact unit

  • Electrical Allocator:

    The included allocator protects the unit from circuit breaks by limiting its power usage to 10 amps

  • Slim Design:

    Designed to fit into limited spaces and offer you the most usability