Commercial ADA 20" Glass Door Free Standing Refrigerator

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Summit Commercial ADA 20" Glass Door Free Standing Refrigerator - White

Keep your merchandise fresh and cool with the Summit Commercial ADA 20" Glass Door Free Standing Refrigerator (SCR450L7ADA, SCR450L7TBADA, SCR450L7HVADA, SCR450L7HHADA). This ADA approved fridge enables elderly and disabled people to have easy access to your merchandise, and it can fit next to any ADA approved countertop in your store or restaurant. The heat-resistant glass door allows your customers to have full view of what's in the fridge while still protecting your food from outside forces, and the freestanding unit comes with a hospital grade cord that avoids sudden power outages from tripping over the cord.

With a factory installed lock, you can keep your food safe and secure from theft, giving you a peace of mind that your products are safe. The automatic defrost makes cleanup and maintenance easier than ever, and the three (3) adjustable wire shelves lets you store bigger and smaller items with ease. The fridge's interior lighting allows you to see what's inside even when it's dark, while the adjustable dial thermostat enables you to control and maintain the temperature of your preference. Ideal for any commercial kitchen environment like restaurants, bars, and stores, this ADA approved refrigerator will keep your foods and beverages cold for a long time.

  • Secure:

    The factory-installed lock ensures that your foods and drinks will be safe from theft

  • ADA Approved:

    Designed to help the elderly and disabled have easy access to their fridge, this unit can stand next to ADA approved countertops or by itself

  • Capacity:

    With a 4.1 cu. ft. capacity and three (3) adjustable wire shelves, this fridge can fit bigger and smaller items whenever the need arises