Energy Star 2 Door Refrigerator/Freezer

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Summit Energy Star 2 Door Refrigerator/Freezer

The Summit Energy Star 2 Door Refrigerator/Freezer (CP36BK, CP36W) offers many of the same qualities of a larger refrigerator/freezer, in a compact design that is a great on energy. The outside footprint of the refrigerator is only 19" allowing you to fit it in compact places where conservation of space is a must. Despite this compact shape the refrigerator has an over-sized crisper to lengthen produce life, and flexible shelving options to allow you to fully utilize the space within the fridge.

This unit has cycle defrost on the refrigerator and manual defrost on the freezer to couple convenient maintenance with energy efficiency. Summits dual evaporator cools each section separately and an adjustable thermostat allows you to choose the optimum temperature to keep the unit at. Maintaining an energy star status and being 100% CFC free, this refrigerator/freezer is kind on both energy and chemicals making it extremely environmentally efficient and friendly. The Summit Energy Star 2 Door Refrigerator/Freezer is perfect for those looking to optimize space, and energy, without sacrificing on functionality.

  • Compact design:

    Perfect for those looking to conserve on space

  • Adjustable thermostat:

    The ability to choose the perfect temperature for you needs

  • Energy Star:

    With its Energy Star rating, this refrigerator is great on your energy bill and the environment