Jet Black 20" Electric Range

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Summit Jet Black 20" Electric Range - Black

Cook delicious meals on your Summit Jet Black 20" Electric Range (REX204BL) and never worry about having a tough time cooking again! This oven & electric range combo allows you to roast foods in the 2.62 cu. ft. oven, as well as bake, fry, sear, and cook on the four (4) cooking zones on top. The smooth ceramic glass top provides ample room for the electric cooktops, and with one (1) 8" cooking zone and three (3) 6" cooking zones, you will have quite enough room to cook an entire meal without hassle. The deluxe backsplash wall ensures that no stains or spills will reach the wall behind the range, so you won't need to do any extra cleaning. A built-in digital timer and clock on the backsplash wall give you the cooking time for both the electric ranges and oven, so there will be no need to time it yourself, freeing time for you to tend to other things in the kitchen.

A large oven window allows you to see your meal cooking, while the oven light on/off switch will make it easier to see on the inside. The push-to-turn controls make it safer and easier on you to turn the controls without accidentally turning it on, because doing that could lead to various household accidents that threaten the safety of your family. In the oven, the oven rack safety braking systems ensure that the racks won't fall out easily, and will let you pull out the racks with food on it and still remain steady. The extra pot and pan storage compartment at the bottom of the range enables you to keep your cookware stored safely away until it's time to use it, keeping you organized around the kitchen. Perfect for any household kitchen, this range/oven combo will allow you to cook great meals for your family with ease.

  • Extra Storage Compartment:

    The bottom storage compartment allow you to store pots and pans without having to use precious cupboard space

  • Large Capacity:

    The 2.62 cu. ft. oven enables you to cook large family meals with ease, so you can serve everyone

  • Four (4) Cooking Zones:

    Four (4) cooking zones are simple to use and even easier to clean thanks to the ceramic glass cooktop