19-Inch 3.0 Cu. Ft. Energy Star Refrigerator-Freezer Microwave Combo

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Summit 19-Inch 3.0 Cu. Ft. Energy Star Refrigerator-Freezer Microwave Combo - White

The Summit 19-Inch 3.0 Cu. Ft. Energy Star Refrigerator-Freezer Microwave Combo (MRF36) is a compact yet feature packed way to complete any apartment or small home kitchen. The combo comes with Summit's Energy Star Rated 36W compact refrigerator-freezer which is equipped with all of the features you come to expect from larger, more expensive full-sized refrigerator-freezers, in a compact, space, and energy saving design. Included inside of the refrigerator is an over-sized crisper area that keeps produce fresh longer, and flexible shelving options allow you to maximize the interior space around your specific needs. Summit equips the refrigerator-freezer with a dual-core cooling system that cools the freezer and refrigerator independently and adjusting the temperature is easy with a spin dial thermostat system. Unlike many compact refrigerator-freezers that have a single door and miniature freezer area, this refrigerator-freezer has a large section with its own door for increased freezing functionality.

The combo comes complete with Summit's SM900WH 0.7 cubic foot digital microwave that is equipped with numerous handy features. One-touch cooking modes allow you to cook some of your favorite microwaved treats such as popcorn, soup, and pizza, at the push of a single button. You also have the option to manually choose between multiple power levels to achieve the perfect amount of cooking for each and every dish. Inside of the microwave is a glass turntable that ensures that your food is cooked evenly and thoroughly without requiring you to stop the microwave to spin a dish or tray. Also included with this combo is an allocator box that reduces the overall power consumption of the combo to 10 amps for safe and efficient operation. This refrigerator-freezer-microwave combo is designed to offer you powerful and feature packed appliances in a compact design that won't consume all of your usable kitchen space.

  • Thin-Line Design:

    Easily place this combo into tight spaces as the exterior is designed to be space savings without skimping out on features

  • Compact Refrigerator-Freezer:

    This combo includes Summits 36W compact Energy Star rated 36W refrigerator-freezer that is feature packed and perfect for apartments and smaller kitchens

  • Digital Microwave:

    Enjoy multiple cooking modes, one-touch cooking settings and soft touch controls with this 0.7 cubic foot microwave