Thermoelectric Buffet Chiller

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Summit Thermoelectric Buffet Chiller - Black

Keep your buffet patrons satisfied and happy when you use the Summit Thermoelectric Buffet Chiller (STC1B3). This buffet chiller allows you to store your butters, jams, jellies, creams and much more at cold temperatures to keep them ready for your customers to use. Able to chill buffet items from 46 to 66 degrees F, this chiller will be sure to keep the items at the perfect temperature every time. With a digital thermostat at the front, you can be sure that the set temperature will always be accurate and you'll know exactly what temperature it's at.

Built-in interior fans ensure that the chilled air is circulated evenly throughout the chiller, so some items won't be colder or warmer than others. The compact countertop design allows you to chill easily on any countertop, while the quiet cooling ensures that the unit can operate without disturbing anyone. Able to hold steam pans of different sizes and quantities, this chiller can accommodate any size buffet, while the dishwasher-safe top frame enables you to clean the chiller with ease. Ideal for any buffet, this chiller will keep your patrons happy and your business running.

  • Temperature Range:

    With a temperature range between 46 and 66 degrees F, this chiller can make sure any item is chilled to the perfect temperature

  • Dishwasher-Safe:

    The dishwasher-safe top frame allows you to easily clean the buffet chiller without having to scrub and scrape for hours

  • Even Cooling:

    Built-in interior fans allow the air to be circulated evenly, cooling all of the buffet items with ease