Sunpentown 1300W Freestanding Induction Cooktop - Available in Black or Silver  Model:SR-964T


  • Height: 2.48"
  • Width: 11.81"
  • Depth: 14.17"
  • Sunpentown 1300W Freestanding Induction Cooktop - Available in Black or Silver
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    Sunpentown 1300W Freestanding Induction Cooktop - Available in Black or Silver

    Available in black or silver, the Sunpentown 1300W Induction Cooktop (SR-964TB, SR-964TS) is the safer, sleeker, more efficient alternative to conventional burners. Using electromagnetic energy, the cooktop's surface quickly reaches temperatures of up to 390°F, generating just as much heat as a traditional stovetop without an open flame. Choose from seven power settings and 13 heat settings, all adjustable using the cooktop's touch-sensitive control panel.

    This advanced cooktop also features an LED display panel, a timer function (up to 8 hours) and automatic pan detection technology which means it only generates heat when a pan is on the burner.

    Please note that induction cooktops are only compatible with ferromagnetic cookware, as they use electromagnetic energy to operate.

    • 13 Temperature Settings:

      The unit can be set to heat up between 100° - 390° (intervals: 100°, 120°, 140°, 160°, 180°, 190°, 210°, 230°, 250°, 280°, 300°, 350°, 390°)

    • Advanced Control Panel:

      The easy-to-use control panel features touch-sensitive control buttons and an LED display screen, no knobs whatsoever

    • Two Color Choices:

      Available in all black or black with a silver base and lining

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: SR-964TB, SR-964TS
    • Brand: Sunpentown
    • Dual function programs: Warm/Cook
    • Full Range Temperature Control (100º - 390ºF)
    • Timer option (up to 8 hours)
    • Portable, safe, and convenient
    • Heats without any open flames
    • Automatic cookware detection
    • Warranty: 1 year
  • Sunpentown 1300W Induction Cooktop
  • Available in black or silver
  • Ceramic Glass Cooktop
  • Uses 25% less energy than standard electric hotplates
  • Fast operation, heat instantly transferred to cookware
  • Power: 120V / 60Hz, 0.8-10.83 Amps
  • Watt range: 100-1300
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 2.48" H x 11.81" W x 14.17" D
  • Owners Manuals:

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