Jeeves Model C Straight Towel Warmer

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Amba Jeeves Model C Straight Towel Warmer

The Model C Straight Towel Warmer (model: TWCSTR) from the Jeeves Collection by Amba is perfect for maximizing vertical wall space in modern bathrooms, pool houses, spas, mudrooms, and even kitchens. Fine quality and affordable pricing makes this 100% stainless steel collection a must have in all applications where a warm towel could come in hand. Designed to keep towels both warm and dry, the Model C towel warmer is available in Polished Stainless, Brushed Stainless, Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes. Assembly required.

For 18 years, Amba has manufactured long lasting 100% stainless steel Towel Warmers that are easy to install, energy efficient, attractive and practical bathroom. Amba Towel Warmers are designed as independent electrically operated units. These affordable towel warmers are designed to run continuously and economically, with an inbuilt thermostat, which prevents overheating. In fact, Amba towel warmers can be safely left on perpetually for the cost of running a light bulb or two. Amba Towel Warmers comply with international safety and quality standards and all come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

The towel warmer is filled with a thermal fluid that is heated by an electrical element located at the bottom of the towel rail. Via the process of convection, the fluid rises and circulates through the tubing, heating the unit. The towel warmers have a built in thermostat and internal thermal cut-out for optimal energy consumption and safety. The warmer should be installed by an electrician according to the local electrical code. Every heated towel warmer comes with an installation kit and easy to follow instructions. It is, however, highly recommended that a qualified electrician do the installation to ensure compliance with national and local electrical codes.