Steel Personal Coffee Maker - Open Box

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This "Open Box" product is in excellent condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with little or no cosmetic blemishes. The product has been tested for quality assurance and is certified "Open Box". Please note that all "Open Box" units include the original manufacturer’s warranty but are not eligible for a “buyer’s remorse” return.

Toastess Steel Personal Coffee Maker - Black

If you are tired of making an entire pot of coffee in the morning only to throw out most if it because you only needed one cup, then the Toastess Steel Personal Coffee Maker (TFC25TOB) is the coffee maker for you. Coupling with a 15 oz stainless steel coffee mug, this coffee maker can make a single, convenient, large sized coffee that is quick and easy to grab as you head out the door. The mug is a thermal, stainless steel container that has a grip cooler to ensure that you don't burn your hand on a hot mug, and an open close tab on the tight fitting lid to minimize spills as you carry it to and from the car.

The maker itself is compact and extremely user friendly as it utilizes a permanent nylon filter completely eliminating the need for paper filters that are costly and a mess to clean up afterward. There is also a a removable dip tray making it easy to dump out in the trash or wash in the sink, making sure that your coffee maker stays clean and fresh with minimal effort. This unit has an on/off indicator light and auto shut off so that you will know when the maker is heating, and feel safe if you forget to turn it off. You also can utilize this appliance for more than just coffee as it can heat water for hot chocolate, tea, and soup. The Toastess Steel Personal Coffee Maker is quick, safe, and easy for the person looking to make a cup of coffee and run out the door.

  • Removable Dip Tray:

    A removable dip tray allows for easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Permanent Nylon Filter:

    A permanent filter eliminates the need to buy and clean paper filters

  • Auto Shut Off:

    The auto shut off feature allows you to feel safe even if you forget to turn the coffee maker off yourself