Meridian Wine Cooler

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Tresanti Meridian Wine Cooler

The Tresanti Meridian Wine Cooler ( DC1093C244-1823, DC1093E451-1823, DC1093O107-1823 ) is an eighteen (18) bottle dual zone thermoelectric wine cooler that is sure to enhance the look of any room. The cooler’s two zones , an upper zone holding six (6) bottles and ranging from 45 – 54 F, and a lower zone holding twelve (12) bottles with a range of 55 – 65 F, allow you to keep both your red and white wine at a favorable drinking temperature.

This cooler utilizes an open storage area with a full mirror back, stainless steel racks, and a pull out granite topped work surface for function, style, and durability. The cooler even has a locking cabinet door to ensure your wine stays just where you want it. This freestanding wine cooler offers a one stop shop for cooling, presenting, and pouring your wine.

  • Thermoelectric Technology:

    With no moving parts it is inherently more reliable and avoids mechanical vibrations

  • Dual Zone:

    Perfect for cooling both red and white wines at the same time

  • Full Extension Drawer:

    Great for keeping all your wine accessories organized