Electric Vacuum Pump

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Discontinued Product

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Vinotemp Electric Vacuum Pump - Black

Keep your wine fresh with the Vinotemp Electric Vacuum Pump (VT-VACSEAL). This auto vacuum sealer, which seals wine bottles for more effective storage, fits most standard 750ml wine bottles and keeps the wine fresh. It does this by pumping the air out of your opened wine bottles to prevent oxidization of the wine, allowing you more uses and maintained freshness between uses.

This unit is also easy to use: all you need to do is insert the opened bottle into the unit, secure the unit onto the neck of the bottle, and then turn it on and watch the vacuum do its work! Allowing you to see at exactly what temperature your wine is being preserved, this unit has an easy-to-see backlit display that shows you the current temperature so you know you'll be serving fresh, chilled wine.

  • Automatic Sealing:

    No need to worry about manually pumping this device, as everything is automatic

  • Display:

    The bright backlit display shows the wine temperature

  • Easy Operation:

    With a simple one-touch operation, all you need to do is sit back and wait