Thermoelectric Cooler Bag

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Vinotemp Thermoelectric Cooler Bag - Silver/Black

Transport your drinks in a handy, portable bag with the Vinotemp Thermoelectric Cooler Bag (VT-BAGCOOLERSB). This portable carrying case allows you to take refreshing drinks anywhere you want to go! With four (4) pockets for extra storage and straps, handles and wheels for easy portability, this carrier is perfect for going on road trips or out having fun in the sun.

The 12 volt auto adapter allows you to keep your drinks cool even when you're in the car, hotel rooms, or anywhere else you can plug it in. At 32 liters of storage capacity, this cooler can hold drinks for you and family or friends, and the advanced thermoelectric cooler ensures that those drinks will stay cold for a long while. This bag also folds flat when not in use, so it can be stored anywhere.

  • Compact:

    Small and easily-foldable, this unit can be stored anywhere when in use or not

  • Portable:

    Straps, handles, and wheels allow this unit to be taken anywhere in a breeze

  • Power Up:

    You can keep the unit cold anywhere, whether it is in the car, in a hotel room, or anywhere else