Whole Room True HEPA Air Purifier

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Vornado Whole Room True HEPA Air Purifier - Black

The Vornado Whole Room True HEPA Air Purifier (AC500) was designed using advanced engineering and comes equipped with impressive features that you just won't find on other air purifiers. For starters, there is a dust sensing mode that utilizes advanced dust sensing technology to automatically evaluate air quality every 30 seconds. Upon diagnosis, the air purifier automatically adjusts its settings to fit the needs of your living and work spaces -- talk about worry-free operation. There's even a sleep mode that automatically adjusts the airflow based on lighting levels. The two-stage filtration system includes true HEPA and activated carbon filtration and has been tested and proven to capture and retain 99.97% of airborne contaminants including smoke, allergens, mold, bacteria, and many others.

Encased in an ultra-sleek and eye-catching black build that easily sets itself apart from the crowd, this air purifier not only looks great, but will also deliver much cleaner air, fast. Built to clean air in higher volumes, the powerful motor, radial blower, and precision airflow system combine to produce enough air collection and circulation power to purify the air in an entire room -- as large as 500 sq. ft. in size. Despite all the automated features, you can still remain in control by using the futuristic LED control panel to select one of four (4) different airflow settings -- some for power, some for ultra-quiet operation. Additionally, there's a filter life indicator that notifies you when it's time for replacement, ensuring that you always get the most out of your air purifier.

  • True HEPA and Carbon Filtration:

    This two-stage filtering system has been tested and proven to capture 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in size

  • Sleep Mode:

    The built-in light sensor automatically reduces operation speed in low light conditions for quieter air purification -- extremely useful for use in the bedroom

  • Dust Sensing Technology:

    In dust sensing mode, every 30 seconds this unit will automatically sample the air in your room and adjust itself accordingly for optimal performance