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Wonderwash Portable Mini Washing Machine - Open Box

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The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Portable Mini Washing Machine is fast and easy to use!

The Laundry Alternative Wonder Wash Portable Mini Washing Machine (WONDERWASHOB) is the smallest washing machine available and suits a variety of needs.  Thanks to its small size and the fact it requires no electricity, this unit is extremely portable making it ideal for people on the go - travelers, campers, boaters, students or anyone who needs to clean up to a 5 pound load of wash in minutes.  The Wonderwash can handle up to 7-8 dress shirts, 10 T-Shirts, 30 pairs of socks or 2-3 pairs of jeans at a time.  The Wonder Wash also features a unique pressure system that forces detergent into the fabric at high speed for a fast and efficient wash.  This helps prevent soap residue that is often left on clothes when using larger, conventional washers.

  • Ideal for small loads or for those with limited space:

    Perfect for campers, boaters or small loads at home or the dorm.

  • Better for the environment, better on your budget:

    This hand cranked machine uses 90% less detergent and water than conventional machines and even uses less water than hand washing

  • Ideal for delicates:

    Works well for woolens, silks, knitted and cashmere garments.
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