Solar Car Battery Charger

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Wagan Solar Car Battery Charger

Ideal for use in cars that regularly sit unused for a prolonged period, the Solar Car Battery Charger (2017) sits on your dashboard gathering energy from the sun and transferring it to your car's battery through your 12-volt cigarette lighter socket. This solar-powered battery charger can actually prolong the life of your car battery by adding energy from the "trickle-charge" system into your car battery. The LED indicator lights up when charging, and a blocking diode prevents a reverse flow of energy. The Solar Car Battery Charger works silently and automatically.

The streamlined design of the single crystal silicon solar cell and polycarbonate housing makes the Solar Car Battery Charger a dependable, durable, and safe automotive accessory.

Note: This solar-powered battery charger will not charge a battery that has completely discharged. It is designed to replenish the naturally discharged electricity from a battery in good condition.

  • Extremely Convenient:

    Just plug this unit into the cigarette lighter socket and set on the dashboard, and even under the cloudiest conditions, the Solar Car Battery Charger keeps your car battery charged at top performance

  • Dependable Construction:

    This solar charger is made of high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells embedded in transparent vinyl acetate behind tempered glass