Waring Pro

Professional Popcorn Maker

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Waring Pro Professional Popcorn Maker - Red

Make delicious, buttery movie-style popcorn with the Waring Pro Professional Popcorn Maker (WPM25). This classic-looking popcorn machine is perfect for those who love freshly popped popcorn while watching movies or TV shows. Able to make up to 8 cups of fresh popcorn, this unit has a pivoting kettle for even heating to make sure that each tiny kernel is popped and ready to be eaten.

The clear door and walls allow you to see the leftover popcorn waiting to be enjoyed, while the door is held with a magnetized door detach for easy access and even easier cleanup. The removable serving tray lets you serve popcorn without having to get your hands buttery and salty by manually removing the popcorn. This compact unit easily sits on your counter and can be stored in small spaces in the kitchen, living room, or game room for added convenience.

  • Compact:

    Can fit in almost any small space available

  • Even Cooking:

    Pivoting kettle ensures even cooking for each kernel

  • Classic Look:

    The classic look reminds you of enjoying delicious popcorn long ago in the theatres