Water Coolers for Both Home and Office

There is nothing quite like a refreshing drink of water. Water coolers make it possible to have great-tasting, pristine cold or hot drinking water within easy reach. They come in bottleless units, as well as models that take jugs of bottled water. Whether you need something for the home or office, Living Direct has many models from which to choose.

One of many benefits of drinking water from one of these devices is that you don’t need to worry about the source or purity of the water. These days, it can be difficult to know how clean water you drink is. Tap water may contain invisible impurities, and plastic bottles of water are sometimes made from petroleum components and create large amounts of waste.

The temperature of water that comes from one of these devices can be easily regulated. Cool drinking water is always in demand, and can be much more desirable than room temperature H2O. It is also convenient to have a unit that dispenses hotter water in case someone wants to make tea.

If you are drinking individual plastic bottles of water, they can be very heavy to lug around and uncomfortable for people to transport. A strong delivery man, who is used to hauling water, takes care of bringing water to a home or office when you use a water cooler. Once the water is delivered, bottom loading units may help to prevent water spills since the bottles can be slipped into place and do not have to be lifted to install.

Drinking water from one of these devices is much more environmentally friendly than drinking individual plastic bottles of water. Empty plastic water bottles consume a lot of space in landfills. They also can take years to biodegrade. The average time for a plastic water bottle to biodegrade is 450 years; some may take as long as 1,000 years, depending on the components of the bottle. Certain types of plastic water bottles will never biodegrade, which is another reason to get your water from one of these units instead. It is estimated that only 10% of plastic water bottles are actually recycled, many others are left to litter the landscape.

A water cooler is a wonderful accessory for any home or office. To find the best one, browse our selection of water coolers, read reviews and shop with confidence.