HI Series Ductless Kit

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Windster HI Series Ductless Kit (Charcoal Filter)

Convert your Windster HI Series hood to become ductless with the Windster HI Series Ductless Kit (HIDK). This kit is great for kitchens where exhaust duct work is not possible. When you use the HIDK, the hood purifies the air instead of exhausting it.

The Windster HI Series Ductless Kit uses charcoal filters to purify fumes and exhaust from cooking. The air is then re-circulated throughout your home for improved air quality. If you don't have the right atmosphere for an exhaust system for your HI Series hood, this ductless kit is definitely the way to go!

  • Purifies Air:

    This kit not only removes fumes and exhaust from your home, it also re-circulates and purifies the air

  • No Ducts Required:

    If your kitchen does not have an exhaust duct, it's no worry -- get the HIDK

  • Recirculating Mode Use:

    The only mode you can use with this accessory is the Re-circulating Mode

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