Yakima Landing Pads
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Landing Pads
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Landing Pads

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Yakima Landing Pads

Part of a complete base rack system, Yakima Landing Pads secure Control Towers to the roof of your vehicle. Every set of landing pads has a unique patent pending design that is extremely user-friendly with click-on/click-off mounting - no tools required. Installing a complete roof rack system is possible for most every vehicle on the market and enables you to haul gear, equipment and large loads with ease.

Depending on the equipment already installed on your vehicle, Yakima Landing Pads can either replace factory racks by snapping into factory rack tracks, be mounted onto Yakima permanent mount tracks, or attached using pre-placed mounting points supplied by the manufacturer. Landing pads 1-5 attach to factory racks as well as Yakima brand rack tracks, replacing factory crossbars (if present) and creating a dependable roof rack for your vehicle. Landing pad 6 creates a solid mounting point on fiberglass roofs, specifically on camper shells or tonneau covers. Landing pad 7 is made for sheet metal roofs (vehicles without a factory rack) and includes "flaring" hardware.

Landing pads 8-10 are for use with the following Honda model vehicles: Landing pad 8 attaches to 2002-2006 Honda CR-V mounting points, landing pad 9 attaches to 2003-2007 Honda Element mounting points, and landing pad 10 attaches to 2007-2008 Honda CR-V mounting points, all of which will replace the factory crossbars (if present).

Landing pad 11 attaches to most vehicles with factory installed mounting points or fixed points, and includes stainless steel hardware in two lengths (M6 and M8) to accommodate multiple fits.

  • Sold as a Pair:

    Each landing pad set includes the equipment for two separate landing pads (order two pairs of landing pads to fit all four Control Towers on a multi-purpose base rack)

  • Complete Rack System:

    Landing pads are only one component of a complete base rack system. Building an entire roof rack system also requires a set of 4 Yakima Control Towers: 8000214 (sold separately) and a set of 2 Yakima cross bars (sold separately), available in 48" (8000408), 58" (8000409), 66" (8000410) or 78" (8000411)

  • Also Included:

    In addition to the materials needed to build two landing pads, each set also includes a snap-on cover for when not in use


  • Models: 8000221, 8000222, 8000223, 8000224, 8000225, 8000226, 8000227, 8000228, 8000229, 8000234, 8000233
    Each set includes a pair of (2) landing pads
  • Brand: Yakima
    Two (2) pairs of landing pad sets needed for complete rack system
  • Attach control towers to vehicle
    Landing pads 1-5 attach to factory or Yakima brand racks
  • Base component of complete roof rack system
    Landing pad 6 is for use with fiberglass roofs
  • Patent pending design
    Landing pad 7 is for use with sheet metal roofs
  • Click-on/click-off mounting
    Landing pads 8-10 attach to Honda CR-V and Element models
  • Snap-on cover included
    Landing pad 11 attaches to other vehicles with pre-placed mounting points
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
    Weight: Sets vary between 0.5-1.3 lbs.
  • Yakima Landing Pads
    Dimensions: Sets vary between 4"-5.2" H