Outdoorsman 300 Truck Rack System - Compact

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Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Truck Rack System for Compact Truck Beds

From Yakima, the Outdoorsman 300 Truck Rack System (8001136) is the ultimate cargo storage solution for compact trucks. By attaching to the truck bed rails, it creates a large, top-of-vehicle storage rack while still allowing full access to the truck bed. With two layers of storage space, you are provided with the maximum amount of storage area possible (holding up to 300 lbs) without the need for a camper shell.

Part of a complete truck rack system, the Outdoorsman 300 towers clamp directly onto your truck bed rails (no drilling necessary) and hold the cross bar components securely in place. This system can be used in conjunction with pre-existing racks on your truck's roof (two towers, one cross bar - extending storage space along the roof), or installed as a stand alone system (four towers, two cross bars - creating storage space only over the length of the truck bed).

  • No Drill Installation:

    The Outdoorsman 300 clamps directly onto your truck bed rails, avoiding any type of drilling damage to your vehicle

  • Two Layer Storage:

    Not only does this roof racking system create a top-of-vehicle storage rack, but it does so without blocking access to or occupying space in the truck bed

  • Set of Two Towers:

    The Outdoorsman 300 is sold in sets of two (two towers). Building an entire roof rack system also requires Yakima Crossbars (sold separately), available in 48" (8000408), 58" (8000409), 66" (8000410) and 78" (8000411). (The Outdoorsman 300 requires a minimum cross bar length of 58")

  • Complete Racking System:

    Outdoorsman 300 towers are only one component of a complete roof rack system. To build a half rack that will combine with a pre-existing roof rack, you will need one (1) Outdoorsman 300 set and one (1) cross bar. To build a full rack that will stand alone over the truck bed (not combining with pre-existing racks on roof), you will need to order two (2) Outdoorman 300 sets and two (2) cross bars of the appropriate length