Cold-Temperature Compressor Heater

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CellarPro Cold-Temperature Compressor Heater

The CellarPro Cold-Temperature Compressor Heater (CPU1727) ensures that your CellarPro cooling unit isn’t overworking itself. When your cooling unit is exposed to the cold, refrigerant in the compressor can migrate into the crankcase oil when it’s off. On startup, this can cause excessive motor wear and a loss of refrigeration efficiency. This heater provides critical heat in temperatures below 40°F to promote efficiency and extend the life of your compressor.

  • Reliable Operation:

    This heater attaches to the compressor of your CellarPro cooling unit to protect it in cold conditions below 40°F

  • Intelligent Design:

    Promoting efficiency and extending the life of your compressor, this heater is self-regulating to provide heat only when necessary

  • Easy Installation:

    It easily attaches to your CellarPro cooling unit’s compressor for hassle-free installation