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Angle Select Diamond Hone Sharpener

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Chef's Choice Angle Select Diamond Hone Sharpener - White

Hone and sharpen your knives to perfection when you use the Chef's Choice Angle Select Diamond Hone Sharpener (1520W). With this sharpener, you can sharpen your knives to 15 or 20 degrees, and you can also recreate these blade angles on your Asian-style, Western, and European knives. This sharpener's three stage process removes minimal metal while keeping the blade honed to perfection, ensuring that you get the best blade every time. Using 100% diamond abrasives and flexible stropping discs, the blade will be sharp no matter the knife type.

The built-in precision guides ensure you get a nice, evenly-cut blade that will be perfect for cutting up any food. Able to sharpen from the tip of the knife all the way down to the bolster near the handle, this sharpener will be sure to keep your knives looking great, cutting great, and last for a long time. Ideal for the professional and amateur chef, as well as anyone who loves to cook, this knife sharpener is great for keeping your utensils sharpened to perfection.

  • Three Stage Process:

    The three stage sharpening process keeps your knives sharp, reinforced, and polished for easy cutting and cooking

  • Blade Angles:

    Able to sharpen 15 degree blades on Asian-style knives and 20 degree blades on European and Western knives, this sharpener is versatile for each knife

  • Precision Guides:

    Keeps your knives automatically straight while sharpening to avoid accidental nicks and dents to your cutlery