Black Hot & Cold Water Cooler with Black POU Plus Install Kit & Filter

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Discontinued Product

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Clover Black Hot & Cold Water Cooler with Black POU Plus Install Kit & Filter - Black

Nothing will quench your thirst better than a glass or bottle of water, and you can get clean, filtrated water with the Clover Black Hot & Cold Water Cooler with Black POU Plus Install Kit & Filter (B7A-BLACK-POU7-IKF). This water cooler is made of a durable, UV-protected material that is easy to clean and simple to take apart for servicing and maintenance. The hot and cold faucets dispense water of their respective types, and the one piece ABS drip tray is easy to remove for cleaning and prevents spills from happening. An included Point of Use (POU) kit keeps your water clean and safe to drink, as well as makes the water fountain more economical by controlling the water pressure, which keeps the unit from leaking water.

The included install kit enables you to hook your water cooler up to a direct water line for ease of use, and the stainless steel cold and hot water tanks ensure that your water stays hygenic throughout the trip from the line to your faucet. A cold water thermostat allows you to control the temperature of the cold water between 35.6 and 53.6 degrees F, so you can get the perfect glass of water every time. The hot water thermostat, conversely, controls the hot water to nearly 185 degrees F, and you are able to turn the hot water off with the accessible on/off switch at the back of the unit. Perfect for home or office use, this hot & cold water dispenser will allow you make a variety of drinks, as well as keep thirst-quenching water at hand anytime.

  • Efficient Unit:

    This water dispenser uses R134a refrigerant, which makes the cooler economically more efficient and better for the environment

  • Clean Water:

    Hot and cold water both filter through hygenic stainless steel water tanks, ensuring that your water won't be contaminated when it reaches the faucet

  • Thermostat Control:

    Cold and hot water thermostats enable you to change the temperature of the water so you can get an optimal experience