105 Pint Restoration Dehumidifer

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Ebac 105 Pint Restoration Dehumidifer

Keep your restoration project moving along smoothly in spite of Mother Nature’s scourge. The Ebac 105 Pint Restoration Dehumidifer (RM95) has the power to keep moisture out of the air to inhibit corrosion, rotting, and the growth of damaging mold, and mildew. Drawing in the moist air, this dehumidifier then cools it below the dew point to collect the condensation for removal and brings the dry air back up to temperature for your comfort. An adjustable humidistat and fully-automatic condensate pump maintains the level of dryness to suit your unique environment. For efficient use, it even measures the level of humidity in the air to operate accordingly. You can trust in this dehumidifier to eliminate moisture for years thanks to its rugged steel construction. Thanks to a handle and wheels, you can easily transport this dehumidifier where you need.

  • Reliable Operation:

    Pumping 445 cubic feet of air per minute, this dehumidifier can remove an astounding 105 pints of moisture from the air every day.

  • Versatile Use:

    A compact design and quiet operation allows it to fit where you need.

  • Rugged Construction:

    Made to endure years of use, it’s constructed from polyethylene

  • Efficient & Eco-Friendly:

    An adjustable-control humidistat and fully-automatic condensate pump maintains level of dryness while turning on and off when necessary.

  • Easy Installation:

    It comes fully assembled with wheels for easy transport, 15-ft drainage pipe, and an extra-long standard 115V plug.


  • Model: RM95
    Perfect for use in commercial and residential areas
  • Brand: Ebac
    Handle and wheels for easy transport
  • Rugged, polyethylene housing
    Treats a space up to 12,360 cubic feet
  • Adjustable-control humidistat to maintain level of dryness
    Operating Temperature Range: 37°F - 90°F
  • 2-stage cooling and drying process
    Airflow: 445 cubic feet per minute
  • Washable inlet filter
    Typical Extraction: 105 pints per day
  • ”Hot Gas” defrost feature
    Input Voltage: 110 V/60 Hz
  • Quiet operation
    Weight: 97 lbs
  • High-capacity, automatic condensate pump to save energy and money
    Noise Level: 52 dba
  • Warranty: 1-year electrical; 3-year compressor, condenser, evaporator
    Dimensions: 33”H x 20”W x 21”D
  • Ebac 105 Pint Restoration Dehumidifer