Friedrich Kuhl Deep Red Decorative Front Color Kit  Model:KWRED

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Friedrich Kuhl Deep Red Decorative Front Color Kit

Gone are the days where a window air conditioner has to be a generic ugly box that you hope doesn't catch the eye of your guests. Friedrich prides themselves on their line of ultra sleek and modern Kuhl window air units that are more of a design piece than traditional window units. Not only does this line come with unmatched features, but the decorative kits allow you to add a splash of color to the unit to compliment your chosen decor. The color kits are available in Black Onyx, Deep Red, Cobalt Blue, Pink Diamond, Designer White and Classic Beige.

Below is a list of chassis sizes and their corresponding units so that you can be sure of what size color kit to order.

  • Q Chassis:

    SQ05N10B, SQ06N10B, SQ08N10B, SQ10N10, EQ08N11B

  • Small Chassis:

    SS08N10B, SS12N10B, SM15N10B, SS12N30B, SS16N30, ES12N33B, ES16N33

  • Medium Chassis:

    SM15N10B, SM18N30, SM24N30A, EM18N34, EM24N34A

  • Large Chassis:


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