Diamond 10" Honing Rod

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Discontinued Product

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Ginsu Diamond 10" Honing Rod - Stainless Steel

Keep your knives at their sharpest with the Ginsu Diamond 10" Honing Rod (05911). The Ginsu Damascus knives are created through a unique welding process called forge welding, which was developed in ancient India. This process includes using different metals heated in a forge and hammered together into a single piece. The core of every blade on a Ginsu knife is made of a high carbon Japanese VG-1 stainless steel, while the blade itself is comprised of 33 layers of stainless steel materials. This makes the blade extremely durable and able to last a lifetime, which is good for cutting tough meats, vegetables, and other types of food.

This honing rod is used to keep these specially hand-crafted knives at their sharpest, because a sharp knife is always safer than a dull knife. Honing your knives every few times that you use them will keep their edges sharper for for more time, which will eliminate the need to sharpen your cutlery as often. Keeping your knives sharp will also let you cut through any foods necessary and will allow you to keep your knife set for a longer period of time.

  • Last a Lifetime:

    With a lifetime warranty, this honing rod guaranteed to sharpen easily and last a long time

  • Durable:

    Thanks to the same forging process used in their knives, this rod is extremely durable

  • Sharpens:

    Keeps your knives working hard and at their best by honing and sharpening them